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NRS and beyond.



I founded NRS on three basic principles: simplification of workflows; people development; and, social responsibility.


Over the years of my accumulated experiences in this industry, I felt that there are things we have yet to accomplish, grounds we have yet to break, frontiers we have yet to conquer. On January 2014, I made a personal decision to break the monotony in my quest for excellence and so NRS was born.


Simplification is at the core of our daily operations. We always aim to reduce costs and maximize revenue for all our clients.


We invest in the continuous learning and development of our people. We mentor future leaders and delegate roles and responsibilities that are vital to our success.


We participate in the global social movement to help us stay grounded and allow us to run the business with respect to helping the community grow.


From Manila to the rest of the world, NRS is out and about, helping businesses grow exponentially; bringing world- class Filipino talent to new heights; and, engaging the community towards betterment.



Norlin R. Suñga